Hi there! I invite you to take a step inside my life on Hickory where we live life in the raw

You may be wondering what I mean by life in the raw… To me, it means living authentically, using fresh, whole ingredients while growing in a healthy, holistic lifestyle

Fun fact: I love pineapple! I claim it was my birthplace (HI) that destined me to have a deep love for pineapple… therefore also the TV show Psych

Adeline! That’s my name but they call me Adie. I love livin’ life in the raw full of fresh ingredients, raw relationships, & growing from those around me. AdieOnHickory is a place where I will be sharing some of my passions in posting recipes, lifestyle tips around the kitchen & home, as well as celebrating life & the beauty of engaging in a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Behind the Blog

Jotting down notes & journal entries has been a way for me to process through life while serving as a log to flip back & celebrate, remember, & admire different chapters of my life. Many of these moments are centered around food whether it’s reminiscing on the best gelato I ever ate (which was chocolate hazelnut from the Pizza Cart in Cedar City, UT… drooling!) or remembering the fresh pineapple I bought from a hut off the side of the road in HI which reminds me of how sweet that family vacation was.

My love for fresh foods, cooking, & being able to give this experience & appreciation to others has been a journey & it excites me to be able to share this with you. Join me in keeping it raw & real!