FOR THE LOVE OF COOKING, OUTDOOR ADVENTURES, & capturing beautiful moments

I am a creative at heart with an ambition for adventure so here is a place to pull some of my most loved passions together to share with you. I have learned SO MUCH through the years in pursuit of growing my passions into jobs, from celebrating the successes & saddened by the failures, to learning new things, & getting excited about life! My hopes are to inspire you to pursue your passions, learn along with me, & give you tools to take a step of adventure into the outdoors.

on a mission of living life to the fullest

Going after ambitions all starts with a thought, an idea that seems intangible sometimes. Taking the first step forward can be the hardest but oh so powerful! Putting that first step forward takes bravery, requires trust, vulnerability… it’s an act of saying yes! Yes I want that! I’m moving towards what I want to pursue! There are always a 101 things that can keep us from going after our ambitions, but wake-up call… most of the time those reasons are just little excuses that keep us from living life to the fullest! Sometimes I struggle with being present, with the reality of here & now. A lot of the time I wrestle with the fearful thoughts that I’m not good enough or I can’t do that until xy&z but it’s not true. I’m on a journey of embracing the beautiful moments of life while pursuing truth in the Lord. I hope my site not only encourages you, but also teaches you, shows you beauty, gives you helpful life tips, & tasty recipes!