Meet Me

Hi I’m Adie!

My name is Adeline Nichols creator of the site, owner of AdieKaye Designs, & lover of living life to the fullest! I married my best friend, adventure partner, & my selfless guy that helps me keep my sanity in 2020. My husband & I are both originally from TX but moved to UT in 2022 for the love of mountains & outdoor lifestyle.

We adopted our cat, Cairo, in Oct, 2022 who is my studio pal, cuddle buddy, & yoga dude. My husband & I have a deep love for family in our home & hope that those who enter our home feel connected, loved, & cared for. Growing up my mom taught me the ins & outs of the kitchen growing my passion for cooking. She showed how beautiful cooking is not only because of creating delicious meals, but also because you share a piece of yourself & culture with others through a meal whether it is around the dinner table or on the trail.

Family backpacking ignited the spark

Growing up my family took a couple backpacking vacations which was my first exposure to the great outdoors. I specifically remember my first backpacking trip where we went to the Smoky Mountains & it being a love/hate relationship from being so uncomfortable to being amazed by the wilderness & wanting to go again. I’ve had some tried & true pieces of gear & brands I love over the years adventuring in the outdoors. I learned that being in the outdoors doesn’t have to be uncomfortable so I hope to give some tips & recommendations to make the most out of your outdoor excursions

Connecting my passions

I love cooking wholesome, nutritious meals, creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry, canyoneering, & have a growing passion for photography. Each one of my trades seemed so distinct on their own when I started developing them, however, as I continued pursuing them I started to see how each one of my trades has complimented the next. A lot of my jewelry designs are outdoor inspired that can be worn on the trail. I make nutritious meals for camp & capture crazy cool moments with my Sony. I love how when we pursue our passions, life becomes richer & you can enrich others lives as well.

11 Things to Know about Me

  1. My husband & I camp almost every weekend & canyoneer whenever we can!
  2. I was a competitive gymnast growing up from age 6-16
  3. Favorite summer meal: Grilled chicken kebab skewers
  4. My family owns & operates an artisan bakery, Ravelin Bakery, in Denton, Tx that has been open since 2002
  5. I cannot live without dark chocolate, hot tea, & hair clips!
  6. My most loved shoes are my hiking boots & felt slippers
  7. I love practicing interior design & helping people create cozy, welcoming spaces
  8. Favorite winter meal: Spicy shrimp stirfry with red curry paste from our local Thai restaurant
  9. I went to school in Virginia Beach receiving my B.S. in Psychology & dabbled in social work
  10. I would love to live in a small town in Southern Utah running an Airbnb
  11. I have my own business, AdieKaye Designs, handcrafting ceramic jewelry selling at local shops as well as Etsy