Meet Me

Hi there! I am so excited that you are stopping in. I welcome you into my life OnHickory so grab a cozy drink & let me share a bit about myself!

Hey hey, that’s me on the right, Adie, with my wonderful mama who taught me the ins & outs
of the kitchen & how to fall in love with cooking

I believe that life is lived to its fullest when shared with those around you. I cannot express to you how much I have learned through other people whether it is a life lesson or new skill to tuck under my belt. In my own life, many moments of connecting & learning from people are centered around food. I mean, who doesn’t love food?! From learning how to raise chickens for fresh eggs, tossing tortillas in the kitchen, or meeting up for lunch, there is power in the connecting factor of delicious ingredients.

One of my main passions is cooking & baking. I was a child raised in a foodie to the max family where we were always learning about food, trying new flavors, & looking at food origins. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen experiementing with new recipes & having others teach me their favorite dishes. There’s a picture of my sister & I as toddlers wearing chef hats as tall as our bodies & flour sprinkled over our faces as our mom taught us how to make biscuits. To me, this is a picture of how there is more to food than eating it, but a medium to experience other cultures, bring people together, & connect with one another as my family did at dinner time.

12 Things to Know about Me

  1. Not born but raised for the most part in Texas so I guess that makes me Texan, yet lacking the Texas pride. Dr. Pepper no thank you
  2. I was a competitive gymnast growing up from age 6-16
  3. One of my favorite meals: Grilled kebab skewers in the summer
  4. My family owns & operates an artisan bakery, Ravelin Bakery, in Denton, Tx opening in 2002. It’s a second home to me & smelling like bread on the daily is basically my natural scent.
  5. I cannot live without dark chocolate, Fage yogurt, & fresh produce!
  6. I love cooking & baking while living a healthy & holistic lifestyle. I value this greatly & it is important to me because of the impact it has had on my life. Bring on the freshness!
  7. I randomly burst into 2 second song narrations of what I’m doing
  8. I married my wonderful husband, Preston, in September of 2020 & am forever learning about the world of Aggie’s. Giggem’… I think that’s what they say
  9. I went to school in Virginia & received my B.S. in Psychology. I am intrigued by food science & how psychology & nutrition are intertwined
  10. I have a side hustle creating & selling ceramic jewelry at my business Adekaye Designs. Sometimes I sell at markets but mostly at the bakery
  11. I love traveling, exploring new places, & finding hole in the wall gems.
  12. Whether its yoga, hiking, or kayaking I enjoy being active & learning new skills. Future hopes of homesteading!

My passion & love for creating recipes with fresh, healthy ingredients & sharing life with others were driving factors behind creating AdieOnHickory. I welcome you to the doorstep of my home on Hickory filled with recipes, life lessons, & lifestyle!

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