AdieKaye Designs

Handcrafted Ceramic Jewelry

Did you know that I have my own business in crafting ceramic jewelry?? When I’m not turning up the heat in the kitchen, hiking around with my husband, or serving delicious pastries to locals, then Ill be in the studio.

The magic all happens in my cozy little corner in a shared studio space in Denton, TX. Creativity is a beautiful gift that has been intertwined into my whole life. I love working with my hands, designing pieces from natural inspiration, turning raw clay into a one-of-a-kind piece, & connecting with people through my designs. I work out of a shared studio in Denton, TX gaining inspiration from colors, shapes, & textures found in nature. Sometimes that may be small details like the gradient colors in wildflower petals while other times it may be a broader theme from a trip or national park that my husband & I visited.

AdieKaye Designs celebrates the beauty of the organic world pieced together into a wearable product to share with others. Creating ceramic jewelry started with an idea & turned into a passion that I am excited to share with you!

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